Manual Syringe Assembly – Graduated 6CC – 50 pack


Manual Syringe Assembly – Graduated 6CC – 50 pack

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Chemtools Industrial grade manual syringe assemblies are designed for use with adhesives, chemicals, solvents, gels and pastes. They come fully assembled in clear plastic barrels and include plunger rod and rubber piston. The luer lock design makes it safe for use with all of Chemtools dispensing tips.

Chemtools also offer a filling service for your bulk material transfer; please call the office for more details.


  • Industrial Grade plastic
  • Neoprene pistons
  • Luer Lock design
  • Available in 3cc, 6cc, 10cc, 30cc

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 8 cm


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