Peristaltic Dispenser


Peristaltic Dispenser

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Chemtools DCT-DISP5600 peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement dispensing machine used for pumping a variety of materials. The fluid is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular pump casing. The special rotor turns and compresses the flexible tube thus forcing the fluid to be pumped to move through the tube. The digital timer allows you to dispense accurate and repeated amounts of fluid every time. The pumped fluid contacts only the inside surface of the tubing. There are no other valves, O-rings, seals or packing&#39s to worry about in a peristaltic pump. Therefore, the only compatibility to worry about in a peristaltic pump is the tubes for the fluid being pumped.


  • Ultra Low maintenance design
  • Low cost
  • Very easy to set up and operate
  • No external air source required
  • Use for adhesives, Printing ink, Electrolyte, acids etc


Dimension: 190 x 184 x 94 mm
3.5 Kilos
220-240 Vac 50Hz
0-160 RPM
Timer Forward mode:
0-999 Secs
Timer Reverse mode:
1-999 secs
Minimum dot size:
Fluid density:
Under 10000cps

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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